Booking a Service or MOT Test in Botley | Spot the LMS Motors Ltd Difference

We know that motorists in Oxford have plenty of choice and can book in for car servicing or an annual MOT test at one of many garages. The area isn’t just home to manufacturing plants. Our workshop in Botley has main dealership and independent competition all over the city, so why should local motorists use LMS Motors Ltd for clutch repairs and wheel alignment, or for used car sales, instead of opting for somebody else?

Let’s look at our company first.

We started out in business a decade ago and we’re still a family-owned company, run by two brothers, working out of the same premises in the Botley area. Our father works in the business too so, when private, trade or fleet customers come to us for car servicing and repair work, or for the yearly MOT test, we make them feel like a part of the family too.

Investment is important as well.

LMS Motors regularly invests into modern trade technology. Our premises in Botley house today’s latest engine management and 3D wheel alignment systems. Because we have DVSA approval to perform Class IV, V and VII MOT tests, we have a state-of-the-art computer system that connects to the central MOT database.

And, when it comes to brake and clutch repairs, we only ever invest into OEM components, never aftermarket parts.

Convenience is another unique selling point that appeals to our many customers in Botley and the surrounding areas. All of the services you could ever need from an independent workshop are here for you and, because we even have our own used car sales department, you might just find something on our forecourt that you’ve always wanted to drive.

Car Servicing

We offer an affordable alternative to main dealership car servicing. Our company doesn’t have to absorb the cost of an expensive showroom or unpaid warranty work on hundreds, if not thousands of cars, every year. This means we can offer you a full or interim service at a price that’s nearer your budget.

And, because we work to the same car servicing specifications as dealerships, we match the big-name companies for quality.

MOT Tests

Most workshops in Botley can only provide their customers with an annual MOT test for vehicles in the Class IV category. We perform Class V and Class VII tests too so, in addition to standard models, we can inspect larger passenger cars, 4X4s LCVs, minibuses and goods vehicles up to 3,500kg in weight.

Book in for your MOT test with us, and you can watch from our viewing area with a complementary tea or coffee too.

Brake and Clutch Repairs

We make a strong commitment to preventative maintenance in the form of affordable car servicing but, as is normal for our trade, repair work is big business too. We can perform brake and clutch repairs on any manufacturer make or model using OEM parts sourced from our own network of local parts suppliers.

Most can deliver parts to our Botley workshop inside the hour so that we can complete brake and clutch repairs sooner.

Wheel Alignment

Road safety is another key consideration for LMS Motors Ltd. Did you know that as many as 90% of cars in the UK have misaligned wheels? We use the trade’s most innovative wheel alignment system to correct camber, caster, thrust, toe-in and toe-out angles, to the specification set by your manufacturer.

We use a 3D four-wheel alignment system because more than 60% of affected cars driven in the UK have misaligned rear wheels.

Used Car Sales

Our premises in Botley have a used car sales forecourt where motorists from across the region can browse through a changing stock range of desirable models without the pressure of a hard sell. We never try to force customers into buying a car they’re not really interested in, or which they don’t need.

Instead, we leave you to look at what we do have available in our used car sales range and let YOU make the decisions.

For car servicing, repairs and used car sales, call 01865 244440. LMS Motors Ltd covers Botley and all surrounding Oxfordshire areas.