Car Servicing and Used Car Sales in Kidlington | Your Questions Answered

If you already have a garage in the area that you’re happy with, you might not want to start using a different one. But what if you found out that you’re currently paying more for car servicing than you need to, or that your usual garage in Kidlington can’t perform an annual MOT test in the right category for a fleet vehicle? What if a garage only uses aftermarket parts for clutch repairs, or doesn’t have a wheel alignment system?

How about used car sales? Do you have the budget to buy from new? Do you trust what private sellers says in the small ads?

Based in Botley, LMS Motors Ltd brings car servicing, repair work, MOT tests and used car sales together into a one-stop service that’s right for all motorists, private, fleet or trade. Here, we answer some of the most common questions we receive from prospective customers in Kidlington who might wish to use us for the first time.

What do you mean by a one-stop service?

Most independent garages build their business around car servicing and repair work, and on MOT tests if they have DVSA approval. These workshops can offer you scheduled maintenance and, should you need them, traditional garage services like brake and clutch repairs. What they won’t do is offer you every single service you could need from under one roof.

Because we invest in engine management and 3D wheel alignment equipment, and because we have a used car sales department too, we can cover Kidlington with a complete service range.

Do you offer car servicing on all models?

Yes. Main dealerships in the Oxford area only service one brand of car but we are independent. This means LMS Motors Ltd can offer you full or interim car servicing on any make or model. Because we never have to pay expensive overheads or deal with work from hundreds of warranties every year, we can usually service your car at a much fairer, much lower price.

And if you combine full car servicing with the MOT test, and subject to availability on any deals we might have, motorists from Kidlington can save themselves even more money.

Do you test over multiple categories?

Yes. We perform MOT tests in the Class IV, Class V and Class VII categories. This means that, in addition to normal passenger cars and light commercials, our workshop can also inspect 4X4 models, minibuses, and commercials up to a weight of 3,500kg. Instead of having to find several garages across the Kidlington area for testing, our workshop can do it all.

We have DVSA approval to undertake MOT tests in all of these categories. If you would like to watch us inspect your vehicle, we invite you to use our comfortable viewing area.

How will I know if my car needs clutch repairs?

Any change in sensation when using the pedal, either looseness or sticking, or sponginess or vibration, points to clutch wear. Squeaking and grumbling noises, or experiencing slow acceleration even if the engine races, could also indicate a need for clutch repairs. You should also pay attention to the clutch slipping, or any difficulty when you change gear.

When we perform clutch repairs for motorists from Kidlington, we never use aftermarket parts. Instead, we use OEM clutches sourced for our own network of suppliers in the Oxford area.

What is the recommended interval for a wheel alignment check?

Although full car servicing and the annual MOT test both look at steering and suspension components, they do not cover corrective work. We recommend that you book in for a wheel alignment check every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. This is close to the recommended intervals between each full service so it could pay you to have your wheels aligned at the same time.

We use a state-of-the-art 3D four-wheel alignment system. Our technicians work to manufacturer data to make sure the angles of your components tie in with the factory specification.

Why should I choose you for used car sales?

LMS Motors Ltd doesn’t believe in the hard-sell approach. When you sacrifice time making the journey from Kidlington to Botley, we know that the last thing you want is a pushy salesperson breathing down your neck. In the modern age, used car sales doesn’t have to tie in with the stereotypical image of shady characters trying to sell less-than-perfect vehicles.

We’ve dragged used car sales into the modern age by putting our customers first and letting them make their own decisions. Our salespeople are only there to help and advise you.

For car servicing, MOT tests and clutch repairs, call 01865 244440. LMS Motors Ltd covers Kidlington and all surrounding Oxfordshire areas.