MOT Tests, Car Servicing and Wheel Alignment in Oxford | Is Trade Accreditation Important?

With premises in Botley, LMS Motors Ltd is a trusted local company with an impressive local reputation. We are car servicing and repair specialists with the DVSA approval needed to also perform MOT tests. Investment into the latest engine management and wheel alignment equipment, and having our own used car sales department, makes it easier for motorists in Oxford to find the services they need, all under one roof.

Full and interim car servicing are our bread and butter, as are brake and clutch repairs, and we have a skilled technical team that excels in these areas. What sets us apart as a business, particularly one in an area like Oxford where we face strong dealership competition, is our accreditation with major trade and industry bodies.

Retail Motor Industry Federation

The RMI, or the Retail Motor Industry Federation, is the UK’s leading trade body for the automotive sector. The RMI includes dealerships, independent garages, bodyshops and used car sales dealers in its membership. It raises standards throughout the trade to make car servicing and repair work, and supporting services, such as wheel alignment, better for service users.

Having influenced trade matters since 1993, the Retail Motor Industry Federation is a source of help and advice on customer and employee issues, on legalities, and on trading standards.

LMS Motors Ltd covers Oxford as a proud RMI member.

Motor Industry Codes of Practice

The Motor Industry Codes of Practice is a set of chartered trading standards used by the Motor Ombudsman. This is a dispute resolution body for the automotive sector, covering issues with servicing, MOT tests, clutch repairs, used car sales and more. The scheme has more than 7,500 members and helps to resolve disputes between garages and their customers.

If you have a dispute with us, or with any other member in Oxford or the UK, the Motor Ombudsman can help you to resolve the problem, for free, in a fair and impartial manner.

It can also resolve warranty and product recall issues.

The Good Garage Scheme

When you book in for clutch repairs or wheel alignment, or for the annual MOT test, we always advise that you use a member of the Good Garage Scheme. This initiative has consumer interests at heart and makes sure every member adheres to a set Code of Conduct. Book in for independent car servicing with a Good Garage Scheme member, and you won’t invalidate your warranty.

Overseen by Forté, the scheme focuses more on the repair side of the automotive sector than on used car sales. This is because Forté is a leading supplier of engine additives.

LMS Motors Ltd is one of only a small handful of Good Garage Scheme members trading in the Oxford area.


Whereas regulatory bodies uphold standards from inside the trade, Checkatrade leaves it with customers to set member reputations. When a motorist books in for car servicing or the annual MOT test with us, or for clutch repairs or wheel alignment, we give them the opportunity to leave feedback on our standards of service and our approach to customer care.

We have one of the highest ratings amongst independent garages and used car sales dealers in the Oxford area. We use feedback on Checkatrade to try and improve service standards further.

Our company thanks you for your valuable feedback.

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is an executive agency for the UK Department of Transport. In our field, it is the body that sets the standard for MOT tests, and which approves workshop employees to train as MOT inspectors. The DVSA also plays an integral role in driving tests. It replaced VOSA as the regulatory body for MOT tests on March 31st, 2014.

To trade as MOT testing centres in Oxford or the UK, companies must have DVSA approval. We have, and we can perform MOT tests in the Class IV, Class V and Class VII categories.

Most workshops in our area only cover one category.

All technicians working for LMS Motors Ltd are City & Guilds qualified, and trained in the fields of car servicing, brake replacements, clutch repairs, wheel alignment and more.

We also have a used car sales forecourt with friendly, non-intrusive salespeople who leave you free to browse.

For car servicing and clutch repairs, and for wheel alignment services, call 01865 244440. LMS Motors Ltd covers Oxford and all surrounding areas.