Wheel Alignment in Botley, Kidlington and the Surrounding Oxford Area

Your wheels can misalign for any number of reasons. Driving over potholes, hitting the curb and premature wear of the steering components can all impact those important angles and settings. LMS Motors Ltd has the latest 3D four-wheel alignment system at our friendly workshop in the Botley area of Oxford. Motorists from Boars Hill, Cumnor, Headington and Kidlington can book in for alignment by calling 01825 244440. Our technicians advise that you book in for wheel alignment services every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, or whenever you notice unusual handling characteristics. This can include your car pulling to one side when driving, or constant part wear. There are several key reasons for motorists in the Oxford area to choose LMS Motors Ltd for wheel alignment services:
  • To correct the erratic handling that makes driving a car with misaligned wheels unsafe. A check of steering and suspension parts makes repairs less costly down the line

  • Correct rolling resistance to make fuel consumption more efficient. Accurate wheel alignment, and driving on the correct tyre pressures, both minimise rolling resistance

  • Improved fuel economy from less rolling resistance means fewer trips to the garage, minimising carbon emissions to make things better for your pocket and the environment

  • Motorists in Botley, Kidlington and Oxfordshire can enjoy thousands of miles of extra life from their tyres, saving money on replacement costs and keeping safe on the road

  • Wheel alignment corrects the position of suspension parts to stop erratic handling and to absorb road shock, making it feel as if you are driving smoothly in a new car

Wheel Alignment | What to Expect

The 3D four-wheel alignment equipment at our workshop measures 14 primary angles, specific to the manufacturer data for the car that you drive. These include the camber, caster, thrust, toe-in and toe-out angles. The technician compares your current settings to the manufacturer’s own specification, and this usually takes somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes.

The technician will explain the measurements, gain your approval for aligning the wheels and, after making the adjustments, produces a computerised printout, The printout gives Botley, Kidlington and Oxford motorists the ‘before’ and ‘after’ measurements to show all work carried out. Here are some interesting facts about wheel alignment:
  • 9 out of every 10 cars driven on UK roads today have some form of wheel misalignment

  • 60% of all cars have misaligned rear wheels so two-wheel alignment isn’t sufficient

  • Just a 0.35° difference in toe angle drags the nearest tyre by up to 70 miles each year

Because wheel alignment reduces tyre and part wear, improves fuel efficiency, and makes your car smoother and safer to drive, we recommend that you book in for an inspection at the earliest opportunity. This is a separate service not covered by full car servicing, interim car servicing or the MOT test.

We look forward to welcoming you at our workshop on North Hinksey Lane in Botley for alignment very soon.

For 3D four-wheel alignment in Botley, Kidlington and all Oxford areas, call LMS Motors Ltd on 01865 244440.