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MOT tests are compulsory for cars which are more than three years old. Book your MOT test in Oxford with LMS Motors Ltd. Irrespective of the type of model of the car, upholding on-road safety is essential.

 That’s why you must take your car to the MOT testing Centre in Oxford and register it. However, MOT tests are performed by approved inspectors from approved centres. LMS Motors Ltd is your one-stop destination for proper car MOT testing in Oxford.

 We perform all categories of MOT tests from Class IV to VII. To experience the best MOT testing, get in touch with us. Book your dates and get the safety certificate from us.

Professional Car MOT Testing in Oxford

LMS Motors Ltd is a certified MOT testing centre in Oxford which provides specialist garage services and MOT testing facilities for all types of cars. Did your car fail the MOT test once?

 Then, get in touch with us for a pre-MOT inspection. Our registered and certified professionals will check all the parts of the car properly and will find the probable issues present in the car.

 Get them fixed before the MOT test and pass with flying colours. Our main MOT test centre is located in Botley. Make sure your vehicle is roadworthy – book now and get a MOT test inspection done.

What do we check during MOT tests?

At LMS Motors Ltd, our certified specialists check every part of the car during the MOT test.

Here’s a list of things that should be in good condition when you take the car to the garage for the MOT test.

  • Condition of steering and suspension
  • Seat belts, body structure and condition of seats
  • Exhaust pipes, fuel levels and emissions
  • Condition of tyres and road wheels
  • Lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment
  • Condition of brakes and brake fluid

 For a fair and transparent MOT test, get in touch with us

What is the MOT test?

The MOT of the Ministry of Transport test was initially introduced in 1960 by the UK Government to check the roadworthiness and safety levels of cars that are more than three years old.

 Do not mix the same with car servicing as an MOT test is a compulsion for all car owners, and the cars need to pass the same and get a certificate to become eligible to be taken out on the road.

 Contact LMS Motors Ltd, one of the best MOT testing centres, for more details.

For MOT tests in Oxford areas, call LMS Motors Ltd on 01865 244440.