Clutch Repairs Oxford and the Surrounding Areas

The clutch is one of the most important mechanical parts on your vehicle. Clutches wear over time through constant use and, once they deteriorate, motorists find it harder to change gear on cars with manual transmission, or they notice unusual noises, smells or driving characteristics. Located in Botley, LMS Motors Ltd can perform replacements and clutch repairs in Oxford for our valued private, trade, and fleet customers.

We cover all areas in Oxford, including Boars Hill, Cowley, Cumnor, Headington and Kidlington.

The clutch separates the engine from the wheels so you can change gear when driving or come to a stop with a running engine. The transmission system typically consists of a clutch plate, a pressure plate, and a flywheel. An engaged clutch pushes these three components together, making them connect and spin at the same speed. Pressing down on the clutch pedal disengages these parts so the pressure plate and the flywheel change speed.

This helps the driver to change gear smoothly.

When driving in towns and cities, we change gear constantly and this wears the clutch components down. Motorists in Botley, Kidlington and Oxford may need to book in for clutch repairs if they notice any of the following issues:

  • Loose or vibrating clutch pedal

  • Spongy or sticky clutch pedal

  • Squeaking or grumbling noises

  • High revs and slow acceleration

  • Difficulty in changing gear

  • Clutch slipping and no acceleration

Book in for clutch repairs Oxford with LMS Motors Ltd and, wherever possible, we promise to use OEM components, not cheaper aftermarket parts that could fail and damage your gearbox.

Clutches | Life Expectancy

Like brake pads and shoes, clutch parts wear down through frequent use and having them repaired, or replaced, is just one of many expenses we have to incur if we own a car. A clutch can last for as many as 100,000 miles, but it is the driving habits of the owner that make individual components wear down prematurely or fail altogether.

When booking in for clutch repairs or replacements at our friendly workshop in Botley, we advise that motorists in the surrounding Kidlington and Oxford areas have the two plates, and the flywheel, replaced at the same time. These parts work together and, if you don’t change them all, older components cause the new parts to wear down much sooner.

While your driving habits will impact wear, there are other things that have just as detrimental an impact on your car’s clutch parts. Letting the transmission fluid deteriorate so it gets too hot is just one way to cause premature wear.

Book in for car servicing and MOT tests at the recommended intervals, and for additional services like wheel alignment, and we’ll find any issues with your vehicle at the earliest stage. Prevention is always better than cure. An early diagnosis will save you money on long-term clutch repairs.

For clutch repairs in Botley, Kidlington and all Oxford areas, call LMS Motors Ltd on 01865 244440.