Interim Car Servicing in Oxford | Breakdown Recovery

What are the benefits of car servicing and what happens if you don’t book in for maintenance at recommended intervals? Is it true that your car is more at risk of a breakdown Recovery if you don’t have it serviced? At LMS Motors Ltd, we believe prevention is better than cure. By booking in for full or interim servicing at our workshop in Botley, motorists in the surrounding Kidlington and Oxford areas enjoy more pleasurable driving.

There are two main types of service available:

Interim Car Servicing

The interim service is a mid-point maintenance program for drivers who cover more than 12,000 miles in a calendar year. Some motorists see interim car servicing as a basic oil and filter change. In today’s modern automotive sector, this mid-point service can cover as many as 35 to 40 different checks, and often more, based on the type of car you currently drive.

Interim car servicing helps you to keep on top of possible mechanical issues and reduces the amount of wear and tear on moving engine parts.

LMS Motors Ltd performs full and interim car servicing for private, trade and fleet customers from Botley and Kidlington, and from all surrounding locations in the Oxford area.

Full Car Servicing

This is a major health check for your car, a multipoint inspection where we look at more than 60 different areas based on the make and model you drive. You should book in for full car servicing annually, or after every 12,000 miles driven. Some manufacturers might have slightly different intervals, but 12 months is the typical period between each full service.

Because a full (or major) service costs more than an interim service, some motorists book in for their MOT test at the same time to save money.

Car Repairs in Botley and the Surrounding Areas

The biggest benefit to any type of car servicing, full or interim, is the reassurance that comes with driving a well-maintained vehicle. Book in for a service at the recommended manufacturer interval and, if our technicians do spot a problem, they can deal with it before it turns into something more serious and, in most cases, something more expensive.

LMS Motors Ltd can take on all types of repair work, from brake and clutch repairs through to gearbox reconditioning.

We also cover engine management work.

Our workshop, in the Botley area of Oxford, has today’s most advanced engine management equipment fitted. If you notice a warning light on your dashboard, it usually points to a fault in the engine subsystem. We can perform a diagnostic check to retrieve fault codes, and to provide you with a suitable repair.

LMS Motors Ltd can check engine subsystems for customers in Boars Hill, Cumnor, Cowley, Headington, Kidlington or any other part of Oxford. We can also use the same engine management tooling to reset your dashboard lights after coming to us for car servicing. We even stamp your service book.

For car servicing and repairs in Botley, Kidlington and all Oxford areas, call LMS Motors Ltd on 01865 244440.